Crepes Grazing

From: 365.00 AED

Serves up to 6

Our grazing platters are perfect for entertaining at home and/or corporate functions. They come in eco-friendly boxes or on disposable wooden platters. Perfectly packaged and ready to serve.

We’re bringing back an iconic classic! If you’ve been here since the OG days of grazing at the Atelier, you’ll remember our famous crepes being on the menu..they’re now making a long awaited comeback! Discover authentic buttery French crepes, choice of two in-house sweet dipping sauces, hazelnut chocolate & salted caramel as well as fresh seasonal fruits and gourmet chocolate. D.E.L.I.S.H

(while our serving portions are generous, they are intended to supplement a light meal.)

Want a bigger size? That’s our large Crepes platter – serves up to 12


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