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420.00 AED

Think delicious creamy Italian burrata, along with a selection of luscious cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and a dash of cold- pressed olive oil.

See below for more details.

Details / Menu 

+ Fresh Italian Burrata

+ Local cherry tomatoes

+ Locally baked sourdough toasts

+ Seasonal garnishes

As our produce is sourced weekly and garnishes can be seasonal they are subject to availability and substitutions.

Best enjoyed the day of receiving. To enjoy the platter at its best, please refrigerate until ready to eat.

Comes With

Platters arrive on a wooden disposable board within a protective box, ready to eat and are easily refrigerated.


Serves 6-8 guests. While our serving portions are generous they are intended as appetizers. If the platter is for a meal – upsize to the large.


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